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Astronaut Projector Lamp


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The “Rocket Astronaut Galaxy Starry Sky Projector Lamp” is used to project a galaxy or starry sky pattern on your ceiling or wall. Weather you want to make your room have a more calming feeling or you want to spice up your game room, this little guy does the trick! Relax and kick back, this little Astronaut will have you staring into a Starry Sky or Crazy Galaxy for hours.


Power Supply Specifications: USB Type – This indicates that the lamp is powered via a USB connection, which is convenient as it can be connected to a USB port on a computer, a USB adapter, or other compatible devices for power.

This type of product is often used for creating a soothing or visually interesting atmosphere in bedrooms, offices, or other spaces. The starry sky or galaxy projection can be quite mesmerizing, and the rocket astronaut design adds a playful touch. You can place it on your desktop or any suitable surface to enjoy its visual effects.

Color: White

Size: USB Type


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